I'm a lawyer, activist, business ethics professor, and first-generation American, who is fighting to bring new voices, new ideas, and new energy to D.C.

I'm running for Congress because I'm dedicated to making this world more just, more equal, more free.

For 25 years, we've tried the same thing. It's time for a progressive choice. It's time for NEW BLOOD.


what I'm fighting for:

PEOPLe, Not Pacs

Democratic reform is vital.

This campaign only takes money from people, not corporate PACs like my opponent. American confidence in our democracy is at historic lows, and it's not unwarranted. That's why I'm fighting to end Citizens United, stop gerrymandering, and expand voter participation. Read more...

Opportunity, Not Oppression

Immigrants deserve better.

I'm fighting to defund ICE because no one should live in fear of their government. Fast track deportations, family separation, and inhumane detentions must end now. We need to focus on reforming and expanding legal avenues to immigration in this country. Read more...

Science, not speculation

Evidence is key in policymaking.

I'm fighting for facts as the basis of our solutions for all of America's biggest problems. If we want to leave our country in better condition for the next generation, we need to empower scientists and academics and embrace their findings, not attack them. Read more...

EConomic justice, Not COrruption  


We can tackle income inequality.

Economic justice and mobility cannot be achieved without tax fairness. Millions of Americans are working harder than ever just to keep from falling behind — I'm fighting for the middle class, wage subsidies, to restore the SALT deduction eliminated by Trump. Read more...

GEnder rights, not inequality

Gender equality is long overdue.

I'm fighting for the #ERA, reproductive justice, and greater economic opportunity for women. This remarkable moment in gender equity discourse must be leveraged as an opportunity to move the needle further towards justice, fairness, and equality. Read more...

LEGALIZE IT, don't penalize it

Legalization just makes sense.

We must legalize marijuana to reduce opioid deaths and reverse the damage of a failed War on Drugs. Beyond just legalization, we have an obligation to expunge the criminal records of those with related non-violent charges, largely communities of color. Read more...

health and wellness, not hate 


America needs Medicare for All.

I'm fighting to end medical debt and ensure everyone has access to quality care. Our broken healthcare system is a dangerous drain on our economy, and we're selling the American people short every day we don't deliver Medicare for All. Read more...

Prevention, not punishment

Mass incarceration ends now.

America's over-incarceration reflects a stunning disregard for human potential, for rehabilitation, and for second chances. I'm fighting to put an end to mass incarceration, end cash bail, and abolish the death penalty and juvenile life sentences. Read more...


So, are you ready to become a primary voter on June 26th?