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I am an attorney, activist, business leader, and lecturer on business ethics at New York University.  

When my parents emigrated from India in the late 1960s in search of economic opportunity, we fit three generations of our family in a two-bedroom apartment over the bodega we were running. My dad got a job working the night shift fixing subway tracks, and eventually we started a family business in hospitality. I grew up bussing tables, filling vending machines, doing motel laundry, and helping out on construction sites. Together as a family, we lived the American Dream, something that's nearly impossible in today’s rigged economy.

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The Upward Mobility Agenda


I'm fighting for more responsible development and proper NYCHA funding.

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I'm fighting for immediate climate action — we have solutions, we must enact them now

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I'm fighting for a new MTA, less short-sighted spending, and new transportation alternatives.

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What We Are Fighting For

Opportunity: Guaranteed

Climate: Changing

Science: Real

East River: Resilient

NYCHA: Funded

Transit: Reimagined

Immigrants: Protected

Education: Debt-Free

Healthcare: For All

Vaccines: Work

Corporate PACS: Banned

Wars: Vote No

Marijuana: Legalized

Mass Incarceration:Ended

Black lives: Matter

Her Body: Her Choice


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