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What I'm fighting for:

  • Repeal SESTA-FOSTA, a dangerous piece of legislation opposed by the nation's largest anti-trafficking coalition the Freedom Network, the ACLU, and the Department of Justice. SESTA-FOSTA endangers the lives of both trafficking victims and consensual sex workers while making it harder to prosecute human traffickers. 
  • Close loopholes in labor trafficking laws that exempt the agricultural sector, family businesses, and children, loopholes which stymie anti-trafficking efforts, especially because sex trafficking is often coupled with labor trafficking. Work with all stakeholders to develop standards of cooperation and data sharing between law enforcement and websites where online trafficking may occur.
  • Stop attacks on sex workers trying to keep each other safe. These attacks disproportionately impact women of color, trans, and immigrant/migrant communities. Punitive criminalization makes it difficult to exit sex work, and fewer economic choices make people more vulnerable to trafficking. Listen to people with lived experiences in the sex trade. 
  • Prevent trafficking before it happens by addressing root causes, which include poverty, gender inequity, LGBTQ discrimination, undocumented status, and lack of access to affordable housing. Invest in housing for LGBTQ youth, defund ICE, rebuild trust with communities affected by trafficking through DOJ programs like Community Oriented Policing Programs, and reorient the conversation from criminalization to resources. 

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Note: Our positions on SESTA/FOSTA have been developed by working directly with communities impacted by these policies, and with organizations fighting against gender-based violence, trafficking, the harms of criminalization on sex workers, and LGBTQ discrimination.

Get updates on Suraj's work against SESTA, including an upcoming event to listen to the community in mid-June:

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