We're awake, aware, and more active than ever before. We've found our voices, and we're speaking up. 

435 seats in U.S. Congress are up for grabs this year— Now's the time to make sure we're heard.

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If we change who votes, we change the future.

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Stories from New York City's #NewElectorate


Running for office in 2018 is about way more than just one seat.

Few Americans actually vote. And when you look at our politics, it's not hard to see why. But we believe apathy is more a failure of our leaders than of our people.

We have a unique opportunity to harness new ideas and new energy from citizens across the country who are more awake, aware, and active than ever before.

By running our campaign here in NY-12 more like an act of service, and pledging to share our learnings with other progressive candidates, we're working hard to arm allies with a new political playbook to tackle barriers to civic engagement and build a brand new electorate — an electorate that's less divided and more representative of the people we see around us every day.

Our generation is one of the most purpose-driven in history, and it’s also now the largest. That’s why we have hope. Now's our chance to turn the tide.

These stories from New Yorkers are just a few of the countless examples we've heard from folks who are hungry for more than just a chance to "resist." Being on the defense is no longer good enough — we're embracing our circumstances and focusing on the future instead.

If you're in NYC, vote on June 26th to show Democratic leaders we're eager for change.

And if you're elsewhere, but this resonates with you, save the date for your next primary today. If we show up to the polls demanding progress, we'll get it.