Democratic Reform

Our republic is broken. Big money has corrupted the system, there are too many obstacles to voting, and undemocratic policies like partisan gerrymandering have made our House of Representatives unrepresentative of the American people. As a lawyer, educator on ethics and voter suppression, and founding team member of The Arena, I'm dedicated to restoring trust, fairness, and efficacy to democracy.

I’m fighting to:

► Limit the influence of money in politics. We need to overturn Citizens United and refuse corporate PAC money in campaigns.

► End gerrymandering. Neither side deserves an unfair advantage.

► Enact term limits. Bring in fresh perspectives to help drive progress.

► Remove barriers to participation. Extend voting periods, allow vote by mail and pursue digital voting mechanisms to get more people engaged.

Building for the Future

If we want to leave our country in better condition for the next generation, it’s time to plan ahead. New York spends plenty, but the investments are questionable (the Second Avenue Subway cost 6x more per kilometer than the next most expensive metro system in the world). And with an increase in extreme weather events, we’re feeling the consequences of short-sighted spending more often. Let’s invest, not waste.

I’m fighting for:

Immediate climate action. Bold and innovative policies to slow climate change and build more resilient communities.

New and better infrastructure. Ensure adequate federal funding for the MTA to rebuild New York City’s subway system and fast track other projects.

Diplomacy First

Hawkish and deeply misguided foreign policy decisions have plunged our country into seemingly endless war, costing the lives of thousands of Americans. I believe we must always pursue diplomatic solutions first.

Where I stand:

I opposed the Iraq war and believe it was the greatest foreign policy blunder in modern history.

I support the Obama administration’s Iran peace deal.



Economic Opportunity

Everyone should be able to succeed, regardless of age, gender, color, sexual orientation, birthplace, or faith. Our economy is at its strongest when we all work to lift each other up, and when anyone who wants a chance to work, build up their savings, or start a new business, can.

I'm fighting for:

Restoring the State and Local Tax deduction (SALT). The GOP Tax Plan punished New Yorkers by repealing this vital deduction.

Affordable healthcare. Medicare for all. And wholesale reform on how we deliver healthcare for results rather than services.

More housing of all kinds. More options lead to more affordability.

Tuition-free and debt-free college. Future generations shouldn’t have to stress about the cost of getting smart and acquiring skills.

Equal pay and access to capital. Discriminatory disparities in wages and financing for women and minorities must end now.

Putting consumers first. Commonsense consumer protections help protect New Yorkers from being ripped off. Robust anti-trust enforcement prevents big business from limiting our choices and stifling innovation.

Social Justice

I believe in the equal dignity and worth of every human being, and I know we are doing this country a great disservice when we don’t go to great lengths to defend the people in it, and give them freedom to reach their full potential. Now, more than ever, it’s important to speak out and remind others that every voice counts. As a volunteer attorney for ACLU and board member of the immigrant-youth led NYC,

I’m fighting for:

► DREAMers. Create citizenship for DACA recipients and end mass deportation to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.

 Welcoming cities. We stand up and fight for cities who value inclusiveness.

Legalization of marijuana. Retroactively, to end the failed and unjust war on drugs, and to expunge prior convictions.

Criminal justice reform. Reform on death penalty, cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, mass misdemeanors.