Welcome to our FAQ section! See below for answers to popular questions like: Where do I go to vote in NYC? How can I register to vote in NYC? Can I register to vote online? As well as general information about voter registration in New York.

Great question! In NYC, election day is June 26th. And the deadline to get registered is coming up soon on June 1st.

Of course! Using our new June 26 Voter Plan tool, checking your registration status and finding your polling place is easy!

If you are a New York resident, you can register either in person or online. But, make sure you do it fast, as registration for the upcoming election closes on June 1st.

Absentee ballots are available both at your county board of elections and online. If you live in NYC, they must be mailed to your county board no later than June 19th.

Everything you remember from Schoolhouse Rock! Congress has the power to propose and pass laws. When they work together, they can do awesome things like give us universal healthcare, legalize marijuana, and take action to fight climate change. They also decide how money is spent on public projects, and whether or not we’re at war.

Your congressperson can be more than someone who just checks a box in Washington. They can be a passionate advocate, activist, and organizer for you and your community. Most importantly, they should be accessible and transparent for all of their constituents. What does the makeup of Congress look like these days? It’s actually more diverse than ever before. But even with record rates of women and nonwhite officials elected to the 115th Congress, both groups still only hold 19% of the total seats. Interestingly, the 115th Congress is also among the oldest with an average age of 59 (twenty years older than the median age of Americans).

More than many people realize! Congress has 535 individual voting members, including 435 house representatives and 2 senators from each state. Of these seats, 470 will be up for elections this year.

Lol. Come on. Yes! Especially since Congress is the only branch of government elected directly by the people. Your vote isn’t just an endorsement for a party or person — your vote is your voice to champion the causes you believe in. The more people who show up to demand action and innovation, the more results we’ll see from our electeds.